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An online dating website has advice for young men applying for university and college: Come to Winnipeg, where the cougars are.

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Name: Minna
Years old: I am 25

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Boyfriend's hot switch only turned on for men

Finding your information. It turned out that's not what he wanted at all. He told me that, although he loves ladies, he's sexually attracted to men. His bisexuality clicks into desiring a man-on-man situation when he wants what he calls "hot animal sex. What should I do?

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I want to have sex with him at least once to see him totally lose his cool with me. Hey there, time traveller! Dear Just as Hot: You're missing the point. This man wants hot animal sex with a man in a man's body. He may really love friendship and the emotional closeness with a woman, but he sees women in a different light -- one that doesn't include sex.

Winnipeg a cougar hot spot

Your letter shows you are not by any means a delicate flower, but you still need a man who wants sex with a woman's body and a female such as you inside it. It seems this fellow is closer on the sexual continuum to gay than bisexual, but is still working it out. Get our newsletter on the latest food and drink news in Winnipeg and beyond.

See sample. Dear Miss Lonelyhearts: I didn't mean to fall in love with this guy who came to my house to fix my basement, but I sure did. He was not my type. He was everything I said I would never want.

He was separated, already had kids and was a blue-collar worker. His wife cheated on him because he worked too hard the first few years of owning his own business, and she found a different guy. He caught her in bed with him. I hate guys with baggage.

I'm an educated year-old woman who works at a government job, writes poetry and travels in her spare time, but he just snuck up on me.

I even called in sick from work one day so I could be around him when he was working and invite him up for lunch. I had never laughed so much in one hour in my life.

He's a natural comic, intelligent, hard-working, friendly and he loves his. The problem is, when he expressed a little interest in me at the beginning of the project, I crushed him like a bug. I took away all hope and he quit flirting. Now what do I do? The project is almost completed.

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Dear Crusher: Lay it on the line, girlfriend. Tell him you were wrong. I know it's a hard thing to admit, but it has to be done.

First impressions and prejudices -- and especially early rebuffs -- can get in the way of great relationships. Tell him you want to get to know him better, and go out with him. Let him know your feelings have changed.

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In short, you owe it to him to make up for the initial rejection by asking him. You heard me. Boldly invite him out for dinner on a patio and don't try to couch it as a thank you for all the work he's done. Tell him lightly you really like him, are attracted to him and you were foolish to discourage him in the beginning.

Good luck! Please send your questions and comments to lovecoach hotmail.

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A selection of letters to the editor are published daily. Letters are edited for length and clarity. Advertisement Advertise With Us. Charleswood Dear Just as Hot: You're missing the point.

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