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Looking For A Work Out Partner And Maybe Life Coach

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Life coaching is a synergistic relationship between an accredited life coach and a client deed to tap into your full potential. At LifeCoach. Find the perfect life coach to help you reach your biggest goals and dreams here. Often they can act as a sounding board through tough decisions, help sharpen skills, and motivate. An article in Public Management revealed a study where training alone was compared to life coaching combined with training.

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If nothing arrives within 5 minutes or so:.

If nothing arrives within 5 minutes or so, check your junk mail folder. Thank you for your interest in our Yoga of Coaching program! Broaden Your Horizons. Our coach training is transformational. And your clients. Last Name. Please note use of this form denotes acceptance of our Privacy Policy accessible via the link at the bottom of the. Thanks for your inquiry! Thank you for your interest in our Transformational Life Coach training program!

us at an Open house session! Open House Mondays and Wednesdays. Please note use of this form denotes acceptance of our privacy policy accessible at the bottom of the. Thank you for your registration! Looking forward to seeing you! Why Holistic Transformational Life Coaching? Do you want to take your profession to the next level? Do you want to deliver transformational in your practice? Do you want to learn how to help your clients reach their highest potential through the exploration of their own personal meaning, purpose and values?

You feel the need for something different, a career change, maybe The holistic outlook of our training program focuses on the growth and enormous potential we all have within us, providing a personal and transformational experience which gives you solid, practical preparation for the multiple fields of coaching that involve human transformation and growth. As they gain skill in Holistic Transformational Life Coaching, we have seen our students transform, regaining Purpose and a deeper understanding of themselves.

Intense, very practical and above all very, very useful. The course is very well organized in every detail with live sessions, on-demand webinars, practical exercises and supervision. Their ACSTH program has been wonderful, helping me explore myself in-depth, as I work with clients and guide them through their own process of creating the lives they want. Flexible Schedule Self-paced online learning Revolving Program - start when you want, study when you can and study wherever you are!

See Brochure below for more details.

for start dates- or us at an Open House. Group Training Inquiry.

Open House Registration. Please let us know when you plan to attend and we'll send you a link before the session. Thank you for your Open House registration! Two levels of certification tailored for your professional goals. Psychosynthesis Life Coach- Practitioner Acquire a solid foundation in coaching, based on the life-changing concepts of Psychosynthesis aligned with ICF coaching competencies.

What is a life coach?

Details in the brochure. This program includes and builds on the Practitioner curriculum, deepening your knowledge of the transformational and transpersonal skills and methodologies of Psychosynthesis, integrated with advanced coaching techniques which synthesize Eastern and Western holistic approaches to Self-realization and wellbeing. Participation in the full program awards CCE credits. Total cost for this training includes the Psychosynthesis Practitioner Program.

See brochure. Learn more. Use of this form denotes acceptance of our Privacy Policy at the bottom of the .

Masters Level- Advanced Training Programs. Request Brochure. Please note use of this form denotes acceptance of our Privacy Policy available through the link at the bottom of the .

Broaden your horizons.

Take a minute of your time to enjoy the Introduction Video! Please note use of this form denotes acceptance of our privacy policy available via the link at the bottom of the. Some helpful hints on what to look for in a Transformational Life Coach training course….

You're looking around, and "transformational life coach training" turns up over 6, search. How can you possibly deal with that? By asking a few simple questions, and adding some keywords to your search.

Is the program accredited? Accreditation is the gold seal of approval which guarantees your clients you're a serious professional. It's like a business specific to coaching. Are trainers credentialed? In the coaching world, that expertise is demonstrated by the persistance, consistency, and mastery necessary to obtain coaching credentials. It's your guarantee that your trainers are experienced, committed, and have been judged by their peers to be experts in their field.

How to find an effective life coach

And, since they've gone through the process you're just beginning they are in a unique position to help you! Is mentoring included? To get accredited with the ICF you need 10 hours of mentor coaching.

Some coaches want to move directly towards accreditation, others want to live their new identity as coaches for a while first. This is an online program. What about personal contact? Coach training is a growth process, and your trainers are a valuable source of knowledge and experience. Personal contact is essential.

And, the professional coaches who train for us are also available as co-coaching partners. Am I going to get enough practice? How long does it take?

In addition to the 60 hours of required live session training in the Practitioner Program, you will have to complete at least 15 hours of peer coaching, of which at least two will be professionally supervised. You will also have the opportunity to review your coaching skills in the live sessions and your trainers will work with you to ensure both you and they are satsified with your professional competence.

Looking for the love of your life but scared of having your heart broken?

Including the home study, diligent coaching practice, and regular attendance at the live sessions, the Practitioner program takes about 5 months to complete. The Advanced Program will take about another 5 months, for a total of 10 months for the full hour training. We tick all the boxes, but come see for yourself- us at one of our monthly "Open House" sessions!

Please let us know when you plan to attend and we'll send you a link.