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We provide a business-to-business service and are compensated by our clients. Offering a wide range of administrative jobs, professional jobs, IT jobs and light industrial jobs across the nation, PrideStaff can help you find a great new job while you continue working with your current employer.

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Looking for a job while you already have one can be stressful, especially in the age of social media when privacy is scarce. How do you handle references? If you get an offer, is two weeks notice really enough?

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Since how you leave your current job can be as important to your career as how you perform in the next one, you need to know the answers to these questions. Priscilla Claman, president of Career Strategies, Inc. Just follow these principles:. Then reality-check that with the market. Do you have the right qualifications?

To help you assess, turn to trusted advisors such as friends in your field or search consultants. Consider internal options first Once you know what you want, start your search inside your company. There may be internal opportunities that will satisfy your needs, such as reshaping your job, moving to another team, or taking on a special project. Keep it secret if necessary Many people have to keep their search quiet. Network carefully If there is a colleague you trust, however, consider sharing the news.

Divulging your search to another person can help build momentum and make contacts. It may also help with networking the key to any successful job hunt. You can also casually mention your search to people not associated with your company — so long as you do it carefully. When to tell your boss No boss likes to find out from someone else that one of her direct reports is looking for a new job.

There are risks: She may try to make it difficult for you to interview or give you a poor reference.

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She may treat you differently knowing you want to leave. First, she may be able to help you identify opportunities inside or outside your organization.

Second, the disclosure may facilitate the search process. Third, you will build good will. Your boss will appreciate your honesty and the opportunity to plan ahead for your departure. Interview on your own time Most employers will want to interview you during normal business hours.

Fit the interviews into your schedule without cheating your current employer. If your boss tracks your every move, take vacation or personal time.

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If your manager is suspicious, explain that you have a personal issue you need to tend to. Provide the names of employers or give the name of a trusted colleague at your present company who is aware of your search and can speak to your performance. If a hiring manager insists on a reference directly from your boss, explain that you can provide one at the point of offer. Claman says that many organizations will make you an offer contingent on good references. And you need to persuade him to give you a positive recommendation despite his possible irritation at your departure.

Leave on good terms Claman points out that the convention for giving notice is still two weeks. However some people, especially those in senior positions or who are in the midst of a big project, will need to give more. If you are irrelevant, you can leave fast, of course. If you are relevant and have ificant responsibility, your new employer will highly respect you for not leaving your current job overnight.

One month is usually enough once you have really made up your mind.

How to discreetly look for a new job

Leaving on bad terms can be dangerous for future prospects. The trouble was that her husband and daughter needed to stay behind in Connecticut. And she did for the first year or so. Then her new employer announced that the company would be restructuring and everyone assumed there would be lay offs. Kristina started actively looking for another job. She took vacation days to go on interviews. Over several months, she interviewed with the company while continuing her search.

Eventually, Robert offered her a job. When she gave her two weeks notice, her boss took her out to lunch and asked if there was anything he did that made her want to leave. Since he liked the organization and believed in its work, he looked for ways to make it a better fit. He tried to get involved in a special project producing marketing material but the firm was hesitant about publishing.

Frustrated, he began entertaining other options and was soon contacted by a headhunter about a position in a nearby city. It was a clear promotion for Ray and an opportunity to a more fast-paced organization. He started interviewing, taking flextime to travel to the meetings. And he kept the process to himself. When they advised him to take it, he then told his boss. Ray gave two weeks notice but offered to stay longer if need be. Set on making it a smooth transition for the company and his clients, he made sure to wrap up his projects and even accelerated one so that he could finish before he left.

His commitment to leaving on good terms paid off: when the start date of his new job was delayed, his former employer asked him back to do freelance work. You have 1 free article s left this month. You are reading your last free article for this month. Subscribe for unlimited access. Managing yourself. How to Keep a Job Search Discreet. on Managing yourself or related topics Career planning and Communication.

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