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Riding looking for guy friend phish

Some prefer the open road by themselves while others enjoy the company of some fellow riders to share the experience with.

Looking For A Bike Riding Friend

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Each year, hundreds of cyclists grab their maps, plan their tours, pack their panniers or trailers, and head for the open ro and trails of America. Many of these intrepid two-wheeled travelers would like to have company for the journey. If you're looking for a touring companion for your adventure, here's the place to start.

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Head out to the local trail! This is the easiest way to find mountain bikers with similar interests and abilities and definitely the most fun way to do it. Hit up the trailhead on a Saturday morning or whenever things get busy and ask folks if you can ride with them.

These are the 6 best ways to find motorcycle friends

If things go well, ask for contact info afterward and try to schedule another time to meet up. your local MTB club. Mountain bike clubs exist for a of reasons, not the least of which is for socializing. Pay your dues and show up at the next group meeting or work party and introduce yourself.

Some races can be pretty competitive so try to find one that attracts beginners and folks looking to have fun. Get active online. What does this look like?

Companions wanted

For starters, post a bit about yourself and where you like to ride on a biking forum where folks from your area tend to hang out. Chat back and forth a bit before asking to meet up for a ride — some people may be uncomfortable with getting together before they feel like they know you. Also check social networking sites like Meetup and Facebook to find groups in your area.

These online groups often exist for the sole purpose of connecting mountain bikers so take advantage! Pop into your local bike shop. Chat up the employees and they should be able to help you find ways to get connected. Agree with the trailhead approach. As weather warms in your local area, bikers start hitting the trails. Usually people are less reluctant to approach someone if they can relate, and that could mean wearing a local bike shop jersey from your area. The MTB groups are great too. Always a good opportunity to find the congregation of riders and roll over to introduce yourself.

How to find people to mountain bike with

Very helpful article. I definitely agree that going to local trails is one of the best ways to meet other mountain bikers. First, I am going to assume your local club is actually doing some good for the sport, locally.

Good is defined as having rides, perhaps events, maintaining the local trails, perhaps building local trails, having a relationship with the land managers who decide what happens on public lands. If this is the case, your local club because it is the right thing to do. Finding folks to ride with will become a natural by product of you getting involved, meeting the local leaders of the movement and becoming a participant in the movement.

Even better than finding folks to ride with, you will make friends that will go beyond riding. Btw, there are lots of groups here in Colorado that go out of their way to welcome people for social rides. As a programming note, COMBA will be having its first social ride committee meeting they even have a committee for social rides!

Not to be a debbie downer, but I had a pretty negative experience with a bike shop ride. On the way to the trail they took off, leaving me in their dust.

If I had made it clear that I was a newbie, I may have ended up on a great ride. They may not ask!

Everyone’s ride

Check out RideAmong. This is the perfect way to find people to ride bikes with. I just found a local group on there. for the top stories in mountain biking, plus product picks and deals delivered to your inbox each week.

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That is my experience. It seems the more I give the sport, the more it gives me back. Come on Jeff!

How cycling together builds strength, skill, and friendships

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