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Our therapists can be flexible to meet your needs in this time and are here to help you.

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West Grove Clinic now offers counseling at multiple locations. Starting a new journey can be scary and stressful. Having someone there to support and guide you can help the journey be less overwhelming.

Amy believes therapy is not a one size fits all approach. She wants to find an approach that works for you and helps you understand the journey no matter where your starting. She has over 14 years of experience in transpersonal holistic work which has allowed her to create a holistic practice that looks at the whole self mind, body, spirit. Trauma, chronic pain and illness, anxiety, infertility, and addictions are her main specialties. Amy loves working with adults and adolescents age 16 years and older and finds it amazing to watch people learn, change, and grow.

Her unique approach combines care and compassion, with a real support that helps you find your truth. Please feel free to contact her at ext.

She also sees clients individually for substance use and mental health. Michelle is passionate about working with clients who are impacted by substance use. She believes in taking a holistic approach to counseling.

Understanding how the mind and body work together to impact physical and mental health as part of recovery, is a key component of the work Michelle does with clients. She believes in collaborating with clients on their recovery journey. Michelle approaches work with all clients from a position of dignity and respect. Michelle takes an eclectic approach to treatment, using a combination of therapeutic approaches to match the needs of each client. She believes that we all experience struggles in our lives, big or small, and sometimes those struggles are difficult to manage, even with a strong support system.

It can sometimes be even harder to admit our difficulties, especially to a complete stranger. However, counseling can be a great way to have an encouraging and empathetic guide by your side when those struggles become unmanageable, and this is where she comes in.

Jaimie subscribes to a supportive counseling approach, while still challenging clients to make positive life changes. She also believes that we are all unique in our own way; therefore, she feels it is important to tailor her approach to counseling to each individual client to best meet their needs. Jaimie's counseling experiences encompass working with adults, couples, families, and a wide variety of struggles such as depression, anxiety, mood disorders, and substance use.

Sarah has been practicing as professional counselor in Wisconsin since Sarah is also certified to treat substance use disorders. She brings a person centered approach to her treatment process, allowing the client to lead direction of their own therapeutic process. Sarah will act as a guide through long and short term treatment planning, to help you uncover your individual path to wholeness.

Stephanie is currently studying to become a d Professional Counselor. Stephanie is passionate about working with clients who have been affected by substance use and trauma, and supporting them throughout their recovery journey.

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She also strives to provide a safe, respectful space for clients to share their stories. Holly is a d professional counselor-in-training, and a substance abuse counselor-in-training. Holly currently co-facilitates the Intensive Outpatient Program in Kenosha, facilitates the Monday evening Road to Recovery aftercare group in Milwaukee, and provides individual therapy at both Milwaukee and Kenosha locations.

As an art therapist in training, Holly likes to incorporate art making and mindfulness into her practice to explore emotional, behavioral, and interpersonal issues. Holly is passionate about the healing power of compassion and human connection.

Her goal is to offer clients support and understanding in a safe, empathic environment. She enjoys helping clients move toward positive growth in life and in recovery. Holly has experience working with adults with substance use disorders and mental health issues in both group and individual settings.

In addition, she holds her certificate for trauma-informed care and provides individual counseling for mental health and substance use disorders. She will collaborate with you to achieve your goals and provide support through a variety of different modalities including Person Centered Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Mindfulness techniques. Her areas of focus include anxiety, depression, substance use, mood disorders, grief, and trauma. Jean focuses on the individual and not the disorder and treats each person with respect and compassion. She has learned through life experience that everyone has the power within them to make changes in their lives and this is the outlook that guides her therapeutic practice.

As a clinical therapist, Carolyn has a lot of energy to get you where you want to go. She spends much of her time with clients who are concerned about addictions. Her clients describe her as having a compassionate, no-nonsense style, so if you want a therapist who will be direct and upfront with you, Carolyn is a great match.

Carolyn offers a variety of services tailored to your specific needs.

Those services include individual, group, and family sessions. She can also offer telephonic consultations, presentations for corporate training topics, management consultations, and workshops as needed. Additionally, she is a Certified Trauma Specialist and an EMDR trained counselor who can work with a variety of Traumas throughout the life's experience.

Many different issues and concerns can be helped through EMDR as well as in-depth relaxation techniques.

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She is more than happy to assist in determining if these techniques could help you. She has a special interest in mental health issues and addictions, though she works with a wide variety of concerns. Those include:. Elizabeth is a d professional counselor in training, substance abuse counselor in training, and holds her Master of Science in Art Therapy degree from Mount Mary University. She provides individual counseling for mental health and substance use in Milwaukee and Kenosha, co-facilitating IOP groups at the Kenosha location.

She is passionate about working with individuals, groups, and families who have experienced addictions, co-occurring disorders, and trauma. She also has experience working with children with intellectual disabilities, autism, and emotional and behavioral challenges. As an art therapist in training, she uses the healing power of art as a means for creative exploration on the therapeutic journey.

By helping build the skills and resources to recognize their inner strengths, Elizabeth can help clients to feel and act like their best selves. Kurt knows change can happen in anyone willing and ready to try.

Therapy is a process of making change a reality. Kurt works to foster a strong therapeutic relationship between client and therapist, and an environment where clients can feel safe to explore difficult subjects. Often, he employs cognitive behavioral techniques: guiding clients to move away from negative patterns of thinking and behavior.

With over sixteen years combined experience in the mental health field, the past six dedicated to individual counseling, Kurt has accumulated extensive experience treating a wide variety of disorders including but not limited to the following: Trauma, Depression, Anxiety, Grief, Obsessive-Compulsive and Impulse Control disorders, Schizophrenia, Bipolar disorder, Substance Abuse and other addiction related disorders. She has an interest in the connection between mental health and substance use. She believes that everyone can benefit from a strong therapeutic relationship and walks alongside clients as they work towards becoming the best possible version of themselves.

Meredith treats her clients with compassion and respect by focusing on them as individuals rather than a disorder.

She also provides clients with direct and supportive feedback. Meredith has experience working with Substance Use Disorders, Anxiety, Depression, Bipolar, and many other mental health challenges using treatment methods such as Mindfulness, Solution-Focused, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapies. Meredith also believes that laughter is an extremely effective and important therapeutic tool!!! Radhe is a d psychotherapist with over 30 years of experience in mental health treatment, program development, teaching, and administration. She uses evidence-based therapies those with solid research demonstrating their effectiveness in her work with adults suffering from a wide range of anxiety and mood disorders.

Radhe is intensively trained in Dialectical Behavior Therapy DBTa recommended therapy for those struggling with out of control behaviors - self-harm, addictions, eating disorders, and suicidality. A DBT approach helps validate emotions while teaching skills to prevent the symptoms from taking over.

She uses DBT with anxiety and depression sufferers to regulate their feelings, enabling them to become more centered and calmer. She has studied meditation sinceand incorporates different mindfulness and energy psychology approaches in her sessions to broaden possibilities for growth. Radhe's goal is to balance clinical expertise with compassion, understanding, and support for people seeking to heal.

Marisa is a d professional counselor-in-training and received her M. Her passion is to help clients improve their mental health while helping them gain a better understanding of themselves, their strengths, and their values. Marisa believes that beyond being a counselor, the duty of a mental health professional is to advocate for marginalized populations and work to be part of the solution for social justice issues. Marisa specializes in adult individual therapy.