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One of the benefits of living on campus is that you get a multidimensional college experience. At the Office of Residence Life, we work hard to make sure that experience is great. Attending a small school like Wingate University means participating in a fun, vibrant community. You learn as much from your fellow students as from your professors.

You belong here, so take advantage of all we have to offer. At Wingate University, you live comfortably and conveniently. With about 75 percent of our undergraduate students living on campus, academic resourcesyour social life and extracurricular activities are always close at hand.

Walk out your door and attend a sporting event or a club meeting. You can keep a car on campus, but everything you need is within walking distance. Most students start out in residence halls with a roommate. As you progress through your four years here, you might opt for a suite-style building. Or you can move into an apartment with roommates of your own choosing.

We consider this an important part of a Wingate University education. The benefits of living on campus include developing a sense of confidence that only comes from living autonomously. No matter where you choose to live on campus, the Office of Residence Life is here to support you. Welcome home! Trust us. Below, find answers to some of questions we hear most often.

We choose your roommate based on the compatibility of responses in your housing questionnaire. Upperclass students choose by the end of spring semester. Talk with your RA to set up a mediation. If mediation fails, your RD or AC and setup an appointment to figure out next steps. All rooms are furnished with XL twin beds. You can create bunk beds if you and your roommate agree to do so. Bulldog Bucks Bulldog Bucks work like a debit card, with funds being deposited into your Wingate University as part of your meal plan.

They can be used only for dining. You can use them at Einstein Bros.

For more information about dining, check out the WingateEats website. More about dining. Yes, students can have a vehicle on campus, but they must have a parking decal and are restricted to parking in areas ased to their specific decal. Parking decals can be picked up in the Office of Campus Safety. At the beginning of the fall semester, all students can get a parking decal during Welcome Week.

For video and photos of first-year housing, please. If you want to commute, you need to let the Office of Residence Life know before the start of the semester.

The application goes through an approval process. Students who are at least 23 years old on or before the first day of classesninth-semester seniors or living in the principle residence of their parents or guardians have the option of living off campus. Unless living in the principle residence of a parent or guardian, all scholarship student-athletes are required to live on campus. Please contact the Office of Residence Life regarding availability. If space is available, there may be a per day charge for early arrivals.

There is absolutely no alcohol allowed in the traditional first-year student residence halls Alumni, Cannon and JM Smith. All other residences are allowed to have alcohol if all current residents are 21 years old, the legal drinking age in North Carolina.

If you are 21, you may not take alcohol into another apartment or residence on campus if those residents are under age. Students living on campus are allowed to have fish that can survive in a five-gallon tank.

Cats, dogs, rabbits, snakes, turtles and other animals are not permitted as pets.

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Students who have pets that do not fall under the above guidelines may incur a community standards violation with financial assessments. An assistance animal the category under which an ESA would be categorized is permitted only as an approved student accommodation. Students seeking academic or non-academic accommodations at Wingate University must self-declare a disability and provide supporting documentation as a first step in requesting reasonable accommodations.

There are different rules for service dogs, which are welcome on campus too. For more information, k. Residence Halls. There are six buildings primarily deated for first-year students, with a few wonderful themed-living communities. All first-year residence halls are coed to varying degrees: by floor, wing or alternating room.

Application types

Students can indicate their preference on the housing questionnaire. If you have any questions regarding on-campus living at Wingate University after reading the following information, please contact the Office of Residence Life and Involvement at res. Dimensions and Photos. If you hear a disturbance, first talk to those who are causing it. If the noise continues, go to your RA or CA and let them know about the problem or call Campus Safety at If students have identified an empty room they would like to move into and the roommate s agree with the move, the students with the space must notify the Office of Residence Life to begin the process for moving.

If students do not know of a space to move into, they can contact the Office of Residence Life to talk about the availability of spaces to move into. Yes, you can loft or bunk your bed. You must receive permission from the residence director before lofting.

The Office of Residence Life will also follow up to ensure that the loft is constructed in a responsible and structurally sound way. Students who do not construct satisfactory lofts are required to dismantle them.

We will not remove any furniture from the room or apartment. We do not offer University-owned lofting kits to students, though students are permitted to build or buy their own. Students are responsible for all furniture associated with a loft, such as ladders and stools. We do provide bunking materials for students. Students need to come by the Office of Residence Life to obtain bunking pins for beds. Refrigerators and microwaves are allowed in residence halls. Apartments have an oven, refrigerator, stove and dishwasher. Please do not bring any items with an open flame or burner coils.

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Each residential building is equipped with a free laundry. All you need to provide is laundry supplies. The measurements for the residence hall rooms and the apartments can be found on the undergraduate residence halls. There is some variation between room measurements within a single building. There are co-ed buildings with men on one floor and women on another or in apartments next to each other.

However, students of opposite sexes may not room together in the same apartment or residence hall room.

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For buildings with a traditional residence hall layout, access to floors is provided by ID cards unique to each individual. Each room and apartment is equipped with individual AC and heating units to be controlled by the residents. There is wireless Internet access available throughout campus, including the lobbies of residence halls, rooms and apartments, academic buildings, the Dickson-Palmer Center and the library.

Residential students should buy an Ethernet cable to use while in the residence halls and apartments. Personal wireless routers are prohibited, since they disrupt the wireless als for all students in each building. Also, wireless printers need to have the wireless setting deactivated, since they also interfere with the wireless al for other students. Housekeeping cares for the community-style bathrooms and the common spaces in the first-year residential areas. Students are not informed when checks are performed.

Community bathrooms including showers and toilets are located in the freshman residence halls. Bathrooms shared between two to three people are found in upperclassman areas. Students should not remove University furniture from any room or apartment.

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If something is damaged or defective, please notify the Office of Residence Life. Each RA is responsible for deing programs for their individual halls.

The programs are social, educational or community service focused. Monroe Mall is located 15 minutes away in Monroe, North Carolina. You can find many other small shopping areas in Monroe, in the downtown area and along Highway Bulldogs have fun staying active too.